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Letterpress Printing for The State of Swing

by on May.10, 2019, under The State of Swing

In this digital age of instant gratification and the expectation of music for free, an idea as old-fashioned as the CD (wink) needs to be dressed up with something special. That’s why we decided to offer Jack’s Cats fans The State of Swing encased with full liner notes in a signed, limited edition (only 500!), letterpress art sleeve.

Letterpress is an archaic printing process enjoying a revival as a fine craft because of its crisp reproduction, tactile impressions on the printed page, and organic one-of-a-kind results. Jack’s Cats was thrilled when Gloria Kondrup — a good friend who just happens to be a world-class letterpress artist — offered to design and print our packaging.

Here’s how we did it; we think you’ll love the result.