New video: Jack's Cats "Chasin' The Rabbit" at the Cicada Club | Jack's Cats

New video: Jack’s Cats “Chasin’ The Rabbit” at the Cicada Club

by on Jan.10, 2020, under Uncategorized

When folks ask Jack who his favorite saxophonist is/was, the answer is usually “Johnny Hodges!” “The Rabbit” (as Hodges was known for his childhood love of lettuce sandwiches) was Duke Ellington’s star alto sax man for many decades. For a brief period in the late 50s and early 60s he recorded with his own small combo (which audiophiles can purchase here, or the budget-minded may stream here).

This series of recordings in particular inspired Jack’s original composition, Chasin’ The Rabbit. We’re pleased it’s become a favorite with our fans.