Jive From Jack | Jack's Cats - Part 2

Jack’s Cats videos at last!

by on Oct.17, 2019

On a recent, warm, September night we let the cameras roll at Los Angeles’ Cicada Club, Jack’s Cats’ “Home Base.” Our goal was to capture enough good material for a 60-second highlight reel, but the results are so fun we’ll share complete clips of much of the evening’s goings on.

Our first installment, When You’re Bad (That’s Good), is an original tune from our new album “The State of Swing.”

We’re in love with Matthew Ross’ superb camera work, and grateful for the support of the whole Cicada Club team, including, of course, the ever-avuncular Mr. Maxwell DeMille.

So sit back and enjoy — we’ll post a new video every Thursday for weeks to come!

You can see all the clips thus far here: JacksCats.com/TV



Look Who The Cats Dragged In: Clifford Bailey!

by on Sep.03, 2019

Working as we do in glittering Hollywood (entertainment capital of the world), we’re always thrilled (but not surprised) by who shows up in our audience.

At a recent night out at our home base, The Cicada Club, I was introduced to a friendly fellow who’d arrived equipped with pen and sketchpad. Turns out it was Clifford Bailey, an artist who’s work I’d admired for years. Clifford specializes in fun and unique caricature portraits of jazz bands. You can check out his beautiful work here.

We’re honored that Clifford added a few quick renditions of some of our band members to his book. Here they are!


Gretje “Kitten” Angell by C. Bailey

Jack by C. Bailey

Marcus Watkins by C. Bailey

Johnny Hatton by C. Bailey




Q: When is a Cat not a Cat?

by on Aug.21, 2019

A: When she’s Gretje “Kitten” Angell singing “…in any key.”

Everyone in Jack’s Cats vintage swing band was getting impatient. Our vocalist, Gretje “Kitten” Angell, had been working on her mysteries solo project for, well, …a long time! Because we regularly see Gretje send vintage jazz tunes in jumpin’ nightclubs, because we know she puts her opera audiences in a swoon, or purrs irresistibly with her own micro-jazz/samba-esque combo, our expectations for her new CD were very high.

She has vaulted past our highest hopes.

“…in any key” is a thrilling surprise for listeners not because of producer/guitarist Dori Amarilio’s clean recording and playing, or the overall technical finesse displayed by the sidemen — we expect that from artists of this caliber. What lands Gretje’s debut album on such a high plateau is that she delivers exactly what the greats of jazz are supposed to do: she exquisitely turns each of her selected jazz standards into a unique, inventive, original, personal, artistic expression. A glance at the familiar song titles tells you nothing — you’ve never heard them like this before, but now you’ll want to, again and again.

The reviews are coming in fast, strong, and full of praise, but go enjoy “…in any key” for yourself. …and don’t forget to catch Gretje “Kitten” Angell whenever “Jack’s Cats” is lucky to have her on stage.